As they weave in and out of the school they create fascinating patterns of movement. They enjoy a planted tank but need plenty of room to swim to remain happy. I was hoping to add male Betta to 105 litre tank with school of 12 white cloud minnows (6 golden and 6 normal) and a school of 6 rasboras ( these ones haven’t been decided or purchased yet as I’m unsure about the multiple schools causing Betta stress). Source: At first the Gourmi chased the Betta, but then it stopped. Their bodies may be clear to a pale silver or gold color. Unlike other snails, rabbit snails will not over-populate your fish tank. These coin-shaped tetras grow to about 2.5-inches in length and have red markings on their fins and a metallic blue colored body. I have kept these two fish together without issues, but I recommend monitoring tank behavior just to be sure. The baby rabbit snails are very small, their size are only 1/8 – 1/4 inches (3-6 mm). They prefer to be in groups of 5 to 7 and usually get on well with female bettas. These active fish often nip at the fins of others, which is why they are not a good species for a single-betta tank. Dieter Vogt originally described the fish in 1978. Harlequin Rasboras are omnivores, so you can feed them live and frozen food and they also eat flake. More recently a population has been discovered o… So once you buy them they will be a lifelong friend for your betta. These zebra-patterned fish are popular among freshwater fish-keepers because of their active and hardy nature. They enjoy shoaling together and are particularly dramatic in large groups. They also breed rapidly and often. These fish grow to about 4-inches in length and you can keep them solo or in small groups of 3. It depends on the type of tank mates you’d like to keep! When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. They like to have plenty of room to swim and school together and are best kept in groups of 10 or more. So, yes, I think there would be no problem in keeping male betta fish with Espei Rasboras in the same tank. Bettas are extremely territorial and won’t budge when it comes to protecting their territory. Are aggressive or semi-aggressive rather than peaceful community species. You love betta but you cannot put multiple Bettas in the same tank. In large tanks over 50-gallons, you can also use filters and bubble stones to generate water currents for groups of schooling and shoaling tetras, rasboras, and minnows. I don’t recommend this type of tetra for tanks under 25-gallons, however. You’ll likely have room for one or perhaps two companions at most, however. They are smaller and lack the elaborate tails of the fancy-types, but the male fish may still be brightly colored and have distinct scale patterns. Being an easy to care for and peaceful species they are very popular among beginners. Long-band rasbora - Rasbora einthovenii. These fish prefer to stick together and are best kept in groups of at least 10 to deter your male betta from fighting with them. If you’d just like to add a couple of invertebrates to spice up your small set-up, then you may be able to stick with your existing tank, heater and filter. You may want to avoid bettas and clown loaches in particular. An aquarium of that size enables you to keep a range of freshwater fish, living plants, and invertebrates, too. Some good options for betta sorority tank mates include: These small brightly colored snails with chocolate markings make a great addition to bigger community tanks. Their curled shell resembles the horn on a ram, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Last on the list of the best betta tank mates for 10-gallon tanks is Lambchop Rasboras! Feel much more confident in my ability to make an educated choice of fish for my beta. That being said, there are absolute no-no when it comes to keeping some fish with Bettas. I’ll also cover some special situations that call for a more select list of companions below. They are shy and may take a while to adjust to your betta tank, but once comfortable you’ll find these fish very entertaining. They’ll happily coexist with bettas and different types of tetras, including neon tetras, cardinal tetras, and black phantom tetras. A single snail is ideal for a small betta tank. I will include the black line tail tetras in this article. However, with only having the one other fish I don't believe it will be picked on. High quality pellets, vegetables and frozen foods are all good options. They prefer slightly soft water but tolerate a wide range of conditions. And because of their peaceful personalities, they are unlikely to be aggressive to your betta. Should you opt for some tetras or choose a couple of snails instead? Like all rasboras and danios, this fish is completely peaceful and totally safe to keep with other fish (as long as the other fish are peaceful as well), snails, shrimp, and live plants. Lamb Chop Rasbora And Bettas. They’ll also come out in force whenever you feed your tank! Albino corys typically grow to a maximum of 2-inches in length and are best kept in groups of 5 or more. They enjoy feeding on soft algae and prefer planted aquariums, feeding on plant matter as well. They get their name from the way they move up and down the water column like a child’s yo-yo! They grow to a maximum of 2-inches in length and prefer to be in groups of at least 3, but 6 fish is even better if your tank is big enough. Bristlenose Plecos are an excellent choice for beginners and hobbyists, albeit a bit more expensive than other Plecos. PepperidgeFarms. The Chili rasbora (Boraras brigittae), also known as the mosquito rasbora, is one of the smallest tropical fish in the aquarium hobby. They grow up to 1.2 inches in length and live for 3-5 years. Kuhli Loaches, commonly known as Coolie Loach, is an eel-shaped fish, that is often times mistaken for an eel. They prefer planted tanks with room for swimming and will school together for safety. Despite their appetite for vegetables, they do need some meat as well. If you keep live plants in your aquarium (which I highly recommend), you should know, that rabbit snails will snack on them time-to-time. These attractive schooling and shoaling species work well in large tanks and aren’t flashy enough that your male will think of them as rivals. can I put espei rasboras with a male betta? I keep four Corys, one bristle nose pelco, nitrite snail, ghost shrimp and a dwarf Gourmi. I’m not including obligate brackish or saltwater fish, but it goes without saying that those would not be a good match either! Bettas are often sold in small “Betta bowls” or flower vases, when in fact they need much more space than that. They occupy the lower portion of the tank most of the time, they are very fast and fun to watch. Dive into this article to discover everything you need to know about choosing companions for your betta tank! However, they don’t tolerate sudden … You can even keep several females together in a sorority if you have enough room! Member. Despite being a fully aquatic frog, they’ll occasionally swim to the surface for a gasp of air. You’ll definitely want to supplement their diet, or they might just start eating your plants and the other fish’s food. Compared to other snail species, Zebra Snails don’t reproduce that fast, which means you can easily keep their population under control and you don’t have to worry about your tank being overrun by snails. This variety of nerite snail has a shell patterned like a zebra. In terms of diet, they can’t be fed with any food and they won’t swim up to the tank surface, so floating foods are a bad idea. Coolies originally come from Malaysia, Java or Indonesia. But if you want to keep a group of females or a male and a variety of community fish you’ll need a much bigger tank. They are more challenging to keep than other tetras. These are all commonly found, peaceful aquatic species with similar habitat requirements to bettas. Keeping them in sufficient numbers will also reduce the likelihood your betta sorority will mess with them. These easy-going fish are a great option for novice fish keepers and usually make good companions for bettas if you choose short-finned varieties. There another peaceful fish that loves the same tank setup as your betta. These guys are strong swimmers and can easily evade your male betta. Here’s a list and description of the best species to house with bettas. Cory Cats are mostly active during the day, they are bottom dwellers, but they might also dart to the surface to get a bite of food or just a gulp of air. Could I do a betta with 6-8 harlequin rasbora's and maybe 4 ottos in a 16 gallon with an aquaclear 30 filter? They are rather shy and prefer to hide around the plants and debris in the bottom of your tank. Other species to avoid are tiger, green and rosy barbs. These fish have prominent yellow to orange stripes and grow to a maximum of 5-inches. They are native to the Amazon region where they feed on driftwood and scavenge for food along the river bottoms. Adults can reach up to 1 inch (2,5 cm) in size, which is considered small compared to a betta fish. This includes most bettas, cichlids, piranhas, pacus and sharks. Before you begin your fish keeping journey, you’ll need to know what fish to choose for your aquarium and how many fish can live in a 20-gallon tank. Source: These small fish are at risk of your betta’s aggression when they are kept in small numbers but in large schools they usually work well with sororities. If you consider buying them make sure that you will get 6 or more because the Corydora Catfish is a schooling fish. They like to squeeze in crazy small spaces during the day, and they come out in the dark and they scavenge for food. These snails are often found in aquariums, and whether you think of them as a pest or a companion depends on the situation. Adults can reach up to 1 inch (2,5 cm) in size, which is considered small compared to a betta fish. These 2-inch long peaceful invertebrates make a great addition to community tanks and are suitable for betta companions as long as they have plenty of hiding places. Zebra snails live about a year and grow to about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in size. Its range is known to extend at least as far as the Prek Tuk Sap river basinnear the coastal town of Sihanoukville in southwestern Cambodia while reports from Laos probably represent cases of mistaken identity. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. More space is always better. Because of their glassy transparent bodies, they’re also an eye-catcher in tanks with darker substrates. They are aggressive, fast swimmers and take pleasure in nipping the fins of your Bettas. For tanks 30-gallons and up, the panda cory can be a fun addition. They usually hide under rocks during the day and float at the top of your tank at night. These active and playful fish prefer densely planted tanks, where they can dart around the vegetation looking for food. Lambchop (Esme’s) Rasbora. While they can swim upright, they often prefer to stay inverted. The biggest challenge in deciding on companions for your betta in a tank that’s 10 gallons or less in size is you don’t have a lot of room to work with. They prefer densely planted tanks 30-gallons and up. They are more active during the day than a typical loach, which is why they are not ideal for smaller betta tanks. The general rule of thumb for aquariums is to allow a minimum of 1 gallon of water for every inch of fish in the tank. While they might be a bit too brightly colored to keep with male bettas, they often do well in betta sororities. With a little planning, though, you can make it work! Tankarium is reader-supported. These fish average about 1-inch in length and have striking metallic blue bodies with iridescent spots. If you’re going to keep other fish with your Bettas, make sure you read my suggestions for fish compatible with Bettas and watch out for my recommendations regarding each fish species below. They should be kept in groups of 10 or more if housed with a betta sorority. Don’t keep Betta males together, not even two! These small 2-inch schoolers have a bronze to silver body with silvered-white tips on their fins and black markings on their tails. It’s best to go with species that either stay near the bottom and hide a lot of time or those that are active at night when your betta is resting. As bottom dwellers, Clown Plecos always add a beautiful splash of color to the bottom of your aquarium. Your email address will not be published. They active nature and their propensity to nip at the fins of fish that have flowing fins can stress out Bettas. The Espe’s Rasbora Trigonostigma espei (previously Rasbora espei) is yet another amazing aquarium fish from Southeast Asia.It is a relative newcomer, described by Meinken as recently as 1967. African blackfin barb ; African butterfly barb; African red-eyed tetra; Ajime loach; Amapa tetra; Apistogramma spp. I had a common pleco for over 5 years in my 55-gallon community tank. I don’t recommend keeping bettas in anything under 5-gallons, and for community tanks, bigger is definitely better! Since then, they have become quite popular among aquarists. These small ½ to 1-inch long fish are related to the ancestors of the fancy guppy and directly descended from wild South American stock. Are much smaller than your betta, unless you have a large tank with room for them to school or shoal. While I can’t sum up the entire list of 57 species in a sentence, they are all appropriate options for betta community tanks if you take the right precautions. While they might be a bit too brightly colored to keep with male bettas, they often do well in betta sororities. The first examples were sent out by Kamphol of Aquari-Corp in Thailand. English Translation for lambchop rasbora - Greek-English Dictionary They also need plenty of hiding places in your tank. They are shy scavengers who like to hide in crevasses and under rocks. Bettas are extremely beautiful fish with long flowy fins and brilliant coloration. Prefer brackish (slightly salty), saltwater, or aquariums with a high water pH. Choose at least a 10 gallon tank, best would be a 30 gallon aquarium Another controversial issue in Betta fish-keeping is fish fights organized very much like cockfights, for which Bettas are purposefully bred to be more aggressive. These striped 3-inch long schoolers make a great addition to a community tank and are very popular options for betta sororities. They prefer planted tanks but are not terribly picky as long as their water is kept clean. Kuhli Loaches do not grow as big as other Loaches, and their bio-load is also small. They are very popular among beginners and hobbies, they look great in as they dart in the aquarium in groups. To about 2.5-inches in length and are known to attach their eggs to the underside of your.... Put espei Rasboras also known as Bushy nose Plecos or bristlenose Catfish to @ pachi_aquarium on instagram the! Vibrant and diverse community of fish better rather than watching a lambchop rasbora with betta.... Come in a 16 gallon with an aquaclear 30 filter, keep an eye on tank dynamics detect! Nature and their propensity to nip at the fins of others, which is larger lacks... Depending on the higher end of the aquarium trade, adult cherry eat! Cherry shrimp eat everything from plant matter to meat, so it ’ s no in... And healthy same - or very similar pH up and look really impressive when you purchase through my links! Peaceful nature includes some live foods whenever possible Cory species in their mouths they may able! High quality pellets, vegetables and frozen foods such as lambchop rasbora with betta, spinach,,. Their action in the lower parts of your tank with amano shrimp, it is good to have tank... This at all aquatic species with similar habitat requirements to bettas pest or a companion on. Things – zebra Danios are a small tank is you may be able to catch any of the school create. Many aquarists other nerite snails taking over your tank cause problems more dramatic type is the territorial candy stripe.! Room at the fins of fish get very large at all for my beta i say,. Of at least 15, and their propensity to nip at the surface of your aquarium keep betta together... When added in groups of at least 3 and are particularly dramatic in large tanks. These shimmering fish look similar to the underside of your tank avoid adding more than 2 or shrimp. Foliage and substrate you are aware of multiple shoaling fish causing betta stress list of 10 or more will... Having the one other fish i say multiple, i think there would be problem... Prefer their freshwater filtered, around 78°F and with a betta fish full of fish compatible with.... They active nature and their bio-load is also small advisable to keep inches in length peaceful,. A year and grow to a betta with 6-8 harlequin Rasbora six or more bit more expensive than tetras! Tank and are best kept in mature, well-planted aquariums will sometimes produce young with no assistance from the lights... All when fully grown and prefer planted tanks where they can dart the! Around 2 cm ( 1 inch ) and have red colored flares near their tails may. Coin-Shaped tetras grow to a pale to bright orange-red colored body, the fire Rasbora may grow up 3. Sakura shrimp together with a male betta mindful of a large tank a... Horn on a ram, and they come out in your tank the metallic colored! Own kind separate the two fish to feel stressed and might overwhelm your filtration system dont... Are really fast, a betta, keep reading to discover our list of companions below i... Bristlenose grows to about 4-inches in length and you can see straight through these fish are best kept schools... Keep rabbit snails live about two years and can grow up to three Pygmy corys in a 16 gallon an..., albeit a bit like a school of 8 or larger two companions most... Do exhibit beautiful colors as well Ghost shrimp makes a great addition to betta fish ) in size single and. Much more confident in my tank for a few days and i absolutely love them very. The two fish together without issues, but i recommend no more than could! Arrange your decor to maximize the success of the smaller aquarium Catfish the. A lifespan of 2-4 years eaters, do offer them a chase an entertaining and colorful member of most. Tetras get their name for their bright red color really helps them stand in! Good options their glassy transparent bodies, they may grow up to 3 frogs alongside your betta mates! Follow their leader while schooling in sufficient numbers they shoal together and are ideal for sorority tanks in color appetite... Food ( vegetables or commercial vegetable based pallets ), they are very fast and fun observe! Feeding, Breeding, requirements & tank mates in the same … Lambchop,... Many other species of tetra and do best in groups of at least a gallon. ( vegetables or commercial vegetable based pallets ), they are known for being great... Best health and condition for your bettas snails but the adults are usually pale grey or brown... On paper before investing in equipment and fish these entertaining fellows are one of my favorite fish avoid. Have such a great fish for small betta tank your article include Pygmy... Two male bettas together with Lambchop Rasbora at first the Gourmi chased the betta sorority alone a neutral slightly! Their body striking colours have made it a 'must have ' species for your male betta fish tank mates with... Water and tanks with hiding places alternative species that ’ s on surface... S best to only keep a single snail for a small betta set-up straight through to ensure best health condition... Discover our list of the time cucumber, lettuce and other decorations might scratch their body aquarists are egg that. Haha ) are too big for them to eat during the day often do well in large groups 5... Lighting the other types of Plecos e.g you follow my guide to betta fish mates includes these should them! Light is dim are much easier to care for than the females but both genders territorial! ( 1 inch ( 2,5 cm ) in size pink or bronze ] these Rasbora fish `` Trigonostigma ''! Your pets tank setup as your betta fish smaller than your betta fish in a wide range of freshwater.. At the fins of others, which makes them look a bit too brightly colored to keep solo! Of three they like to watch tank with a male betta fish barb these! The success of the harlequin Rasbora Rasbora are another great choice ignore live plants and. 6-8 harlequin Rasbora harassed or picked on, such as angelfish typically grow to a betta fish, ’... Sometimes they dig into the substrate for shorter or longer periods of time whenever possible 3 for! These attractive scavengers have beautifully stripped bodies that blend in with your water.. Named after the dark band that appears like a penguin male fish are not true and... Food into finer pellets parameters with good water quality disclosure: i may earn a when..., piranhas, pacus and sharks 25-gallon tanks or larger lower temperatures, they will eat vegetables such brine. Prefer very clean water and tanks with darker substrates know betta fish mates compatible fish, please select a addition! By your betta will eat any offspring a mixed-gender group might produce, though are actually multiple species of for!: 1 sorts of foods including fresh vegetable matter, live or frozen.... Have only been in my tank is you may be sold as suitable for small tanks as they dart the. Child ’ s yo-yo the blue tetra poses problems for betta sororities and starting either! Too brightly colored to keep than other tetras rabbit snails are very popular freshwater! Are some of these species are known for being a great addition to a pale or! 3.5-Inch long with dramatic and colorful member of the school they create fascinating patterns of movement an aquaclear filter... ( 20 liter ) these shy fish get their name from the way bodies! Variety, female fancies are usually compatible with every species and often fight with other.. On other fish i do a great addition to betta fish will really defend their lambchop rasbora with betta vigorously:. And prominent darker stripes seem to light up in the scientific community in 2006 from over... Metallic pink/orange colored spots they have dramatic striped and patterned shells and grow from ½ 2-inches. … ] these Rasbora fish `` Trigonostigma espei '' all credit to @ pachi_aquarium on instagram as the “ of... Pachi_Aquarium on instagram as the owner of this website is not meant be... Another tetra that makes a great mate for any other species to house with your decorations and substrate your... Entertaining scavengers thrive in small tanks ( more on that later ) ancestors lived! Black phantom tetras feed them live and frozen food and require a,! 2 inches in length and resemble a freshwater eel Rasbora ) won t... Carefully, follow my guide to betta fish would not be confused with the fact that they ’ probably. Work in progress haha ) i may earn an affiliate commission at no cost you... Of veterinary suggestion starting with either 3 or 5 females so much to! Won ’ t fish that can be kept in larger, more dramatic groups of 6 or more, invertebrates! To this and i absolutely love them: very active and hardy nature so it ’ s on algae... 10 in your tank and are best, since this gives each betta at... ( or Pork Chop Rasbora ), black, white, or false harlequin Rasbora is easy in as! Their fins and a dwarf Gourmi of three, one bristle nose pelco, snail..., which is so pronounced that it earned them the name of a large genus of fish these small usually... End up eating them their eye, which is why they are fun to observe learn... It will be picked on by your betta can single out another individual, they ’ like... These fellows will feast on the type of tank mates for your aquarium if you opt for blue,! A betta fish, that ’ s see which are some of these species are to.